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What Is Functional Fashion?

We emphasize fashion that can function because we want each of our bags to be capable of serving a purpose beyond style alone. In today’s fast-paced world, having one or more functional, versatile bags to fit your lifestyle is a must!

Functional Fashion is any apparel with a design created to help the user work with their needs and goals; some examples being denim for construction workers, or more complex apparel like a fire fighter’s protective uniform. However, functionality doesn’t have to be used for professional settings only. In fact, kovert creates stash bags for your everyday lifestyle. Our purpose is to design bags great for any casual, professional, or formal occasion – every single one of them allows you to covertly carry items you may want to keep undetectable like cigarettes, cannabis, or medicine.

Thanks to our carbon layer technology, our stash bags great for hiding any odor, many bags come with heavy duty velcro and/or a zipper lock to keep unwanted hands out.

Kovert exists for the modern-day, hardworking individual; everyone has a lot on their plates and making it easier to transport certain items can help reduce your stress and the unnecessary judgement from others. Many people enjoy having a smoke of tobacco (or wacky tobacco) and can easily carry on their life regularly.

Some of kovert’s top casual bags are the Mary Jane Lock-It, Posh Pouch, and the Cross Body. Easily transport your items in public without attracting others’ noses. Our quality bags are designed with fashionable material and colors to look like fun, everyday bags to detour suspicious eyes from guessing what could be inside. For more formal and professional occasions, check out our Stash Pack, Duffle Bag, and The Roller.

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