100% Smell Proof Bags

Confidently Carry Your Lifestyle

Kovert’s mission is simple. Provide privacy and discretion through our line of high-quality, smell proof bags that can be used for all occasions. Every Kovert Bag traps odors, are resistant to weather, and durable for everyday use—these functional bags come in a variety of designs and sizes to fit your lifestyle! Get the benefit of carrying confidently and check out our stash bag varieties below! Our best sellers are all different sizes. What bags do you need for your stash??

From smell proof backpacks and duffels to small stash bags and pouches, Kovert traps the scent of everything from food to nicotine, so you won’t have to think twice about anyone smelling what you’re carrying. Go undetected for everyday travel to the gym, work, hiking outdoors, and more. Get the Kovert Bag that matches YOUR everyday! Protective pouches, locket bags, over the shoulder, and waist bags are some of Kovert’s specialties. We have the best stash bags for men and women including mini backpacks in red, grey, and black and cross bodies that fit comfortably. Join our Kovert Community and follow us on Instagram and TikTok @kovertbags

Store Smart By Locking In Odors and Freshness

  • Smell Proof—Every Kovert bag has 5 odor-blocking layers, including an activated carbon layer to trap scent particles and a water-resistant outer fabric. Every stash bag, including handbags and stash pockets, have a main or multiple smell proof compartments to separate your smelly items. Keep a Kovert stash bag in your car to eliminate the smell that radiates from particular items!
  • Weather Resistant—Kovert bags are durable and have a water-resistant outer fabric to protect your contents from daily wear and weather. Thick Velcro and zipper closures provide a seal against the elements. Keep items fresh inside and protected efficiently with the best handbags for men and women! Our durable material keeps your bag looking great even when it’s being used every day.
  • Discreet and Secure—Everyday, fashionable styles offer a low profile and prevent unwanted attention to your stash. Select bags have built-in combination locks for extra security and child safety. Keep smell trapped inside and everybody locked from the outside with our bags that feature a zipper lock built into them. Set your own combination lock code for when you need to keep thieves, moochers, or curious kids (and animals) out of your private stash!

We have selected the best bags to fit a particular function while remaining fashionable for adults! Keep your items discreet while leaving unwanted hands (and noses) out of your business with our heavy duty velcro and bag lock options. Use Kovert as a computer bag, your after-smoke-shop bag, or as the secret bag you only take to a revelry! Whether you’re at home or on the go, keep it kovert