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Our large Duffle (22.5" x 9.5" x 10.5") has a sturdy velcro strap to cover any air from escaping out of the zipper. Our smell proof duffle bag has an adjustable strap and handles for easy carrying.
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The Duffle is great for travel, the gym, home, or anywhere else you need to carry a lot of stuff. This smell proof duffel bag includes a removable and adjustable shoulder strap, two side straps, and two hand straps and can easily be carried or transported. An outer velcro flap covers a zipper-sealed compartment that keeps your items secure and undetected. The Duffle is perfect for keeping items private and portable.

For a more compact option, check out the Mini Duffle!

5 Layers of Smell Protection

5 layers of smell protection technology keeps your bag odor-free, providing privacy and discretion. 2 layers of filterable, non-woven fabric cover an inner layer of activated carbon. A durable, water resistant outer fabric protects your contents from harsh weather and the elements. An inner protective polyester mesh lining and smell protection technology will ensure your contents are 100% smell proof.

Keep it Kovert

Kovert Bags are not like other “loud” smell proof stash bags. With Kovert, you can travel safely knowing the contents of your bag are private and discreet. Our smell proof protection technology keeps unwanted odors in and contents safe and dry.