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Kovert Stash Bags and Wholesale

Who is Kovert?

There are many smell proof bags that serve their own niche and purpose just fie, but Kovert fits smoke shop goers the best. Many bag companies highlight typical stoners well, yet their bags can’t be used in most adult setting without having some kind of judgement being directed towards you. Avoid that – and avoid the nonimportant people – with Kovert’s functional and fashionable mature styles.

Men and woman love our bags for their styles, sizes, and sleek design. Customers rave about how roomy, durable, and smell proof Kovert stash bags really are!

Solid colors or patterns are on each bag and make it great for people to customize with their own swag like patches and buttons! Make sure you give every store their chance to upsell by storing their smoke shop goodies inside a Kovert bag by decorating them with the fun accessories you may already have in your store(s).

What’s in the Kovert Wholesale Catalog? Every single bag is high quality and smell proof. Our large options include a duffle bag and backpack. Popular medium bags are the Cross Body which fits across the shoulder. Additionally, the Banker, Vault, Stash Box, and Stash Kit are great medium sized bags to help smoke shop goers organize their goodies.

To keep the Kovert, we designed small bags that you can carry solo or inside bigger bags to keep those goodies hidden and private. The Pocket Stash, Posh Pouch, and Mary Jane bags are the perfect addition to a stores collection of must-have items.

No matter what situation you are in, we have the Kovert bag for you. Kovert stash bags particularly can be used at work so your important items stay protected. Take your recreational fun outside of your house! Choose a bag with a zipper lock so you can make up your own special code.

Kovert also has the option to add more protective foam to your bag, this way you can protect your glass even more! We send bags with pre-sized inserts they can remove and place easily inside whenever they need to.

Now that we have the solution for trapping any odor on the inside, we wanted to make sure we could still help with the odors on the outside (like clothes and air). Kovert Smoke Spray comes in 3 scents: cherry, fresh linen, and unscented. These sprays are strong enough to eliminate any harsh odor at the source and over powers it with its own naturally safe fragrance.

What are you waiting for< Make sure you stop at booth #14034 on the second floor of this CHAMPS show to order Kovert Stash bags at great wholesale prices for your warehouse/store! If you want any questions answered beforehand, please reach out to [email protected]