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All About Smell Proof Bags

In this article, we’ll cover various types of smell proof bags and their best purpose. There is a plethora of smell proof bags to find, but not all of them work as great as the other. Some retailers may only carry a few bags, however kovert stash bags come in a variety of durable, smell proof sizes for everyday use, including disposable baggies!

When transporting or traveling with items you want to keep private, having a stash bag that can handle your type of journey is important. Many of the things smell proof stash bags are used for include cigarettes, cigars, cannabis, vapes, medication, money, spices/herbs, smoking accessories, gym shoes, dirty clothing, hiking, camping, and sport items!

For cannabis and other smelly, small items, there are disposable odor proof baggies! These are great for separating flower and even potent protein powders! Kovert’s disposable bags have a press zip-lock and enough head room to heat enclose them too. These nimble bags are great for protecting and keeping your contents fresh while also providing an extra layer of smell protection when they are placed inside of a smell proof stash bag.

How are these bags smell proof?

There are many smell proof bags out there, however kovert bags are some of the best, due to their multiple odor-blocking layers and activated charcoal lining.

Typically, any containers that are airtight and/or have carbon activated charcoal perform best. Kovert stash bags have 5 layers to trap the smells inside of the carbon mesh, which deodorizes any scent it touches by trapping odor-causing molecules. 

Activated carbon is a type of charcoal that’s treated with oxygen to open up millions of tiny pores between the carbon atoms. This dramatically increases the surface area of the charcoal, which allows it to attach itself to more molecules of gas, including the ones that cause smells. Whatever’s causing the odor is then trapped in the pores of the activated carbon, keeping scents trapped in the lining of the bag.

Not only does kovert have tightly woven fabric in each layer, we also have bags with more defensive options. Select stash bags have an additional velcro flap to cover any extra air from escaping from the zipper and giving your contents that bonus level of protection.

For the best smell proof results, either place an airtight (vacuum sealed, ideally) jar inside your kovert stash bag, or use a disposable bag as a replacement for your jar. Human noses will not be able to detect any smells from the closed kovert bags even without the jar or disposable baggie, however, dogs’ noses are much more sensitive and can detect small quantities of air pushed out of the bag or residues left on the outside. When dealing with dogs, containers inside the bag need to be airtight, and more care is required when handling the outside of the stash bag.

Why use kovert stash bags over other smell-proof bags?

Kovert was created because of the same needs you may have; there wasn’t a bag that was completely smell-proof that also looked like an acceptable, fashionable, everyday bag. Kovert bags come in sleek single colors or styles that pop out more so you can stand out for your style, not smell! Kovert also has bags for professional and formal wear like The Mary Jane Clutch, The Mary Jane Lock-It, The Posh Pouch, Executive Posh, The Stash Kit, and Stash Pack!

For activities and casual occasions, The Cross Body, Stash Pack, Stash Box, Vault, Banker, and Belt Stash

Cannabis is becoming more normalized due to its positive effects, however, it is still deemed negative and taboo in some parts of society. But, kovert stash bags are used by a wide range of people. We have mother’s using kovert stash bags with locks to keep them away from their children safely and even people over the age of 50 using kovert bags so they always have their medication handy. Since kovert is fashionable and functional, it can be enjoyed by everyone in need of a good stash bag, whatever the reason.

Having a bag lock is not just for child safety, all age groups enjoy being able to keep unwanted hands out of their business! Our most fashionable bags for men and women with locks include the Mary Jane Clutch, Mary Jane Lock-It, the Posh Pouch, Pocket Stash, Stash Pack, and the Cross Body!

Kovert stash bags were made for everyday working individuals to make transporting their personal items more easily at a fair price.

How long do kovert stash bags last?

Kovert carries high quality bags that are durable and can be used over and over again. If your bag starts to have certain cannabis smells to it, leaving the bag open and out in the sun will revive it back to normal! After one hour in the sun, the carbon charcoal lining will reactivate. The UV rays will kill bacteria and make your stash bag not smell like a stash again!

If the sun isn’t available when you’re ready to clean, use a hair dryer or clothes dryer for 20 minutes to remove any smells and refresh your bag with heat! However, be careful not to over heat your bag!

How do I set the combination lock on my stash bag?


  1. Set lock to the current combination. The factory default is 0-0-0.
  2. Press down the reset button until you hear a “click”. You may need a pin tool.
  3. Set your new lock combination.
  4. Press to open and set your new combination.