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How to Cover Up and Prevent Smoke Smell

There are many reasons to want to cover up or prevent the smell of any kind of smoke – the most obvious reason may be to keep others from noticing. Smoke from cigarettes, cannabis, and campfires will stick to your clothes until you wash them, and if you don’t have a washer handy (right after your lunch break, for example) you’re going to have to cover up the smell instantly. No need to worry about offending any noses; we’ve come up with the best and most efficient ways to cover up and prevent smoke smell!

Prevent the Smoke from Lingering

It’s easier to cover up the smoke when you’ve taken precautions beforehand to limit exposure. Some preventative tips include using a carbon filter air purifier while you’re smoking and opening a window to let the smoke out. The longer the smoke stays in the air, the more it will diffuse into your space – and the more surfaces and fabrics it will stick to.

Therefore, get the smoke out of the area as quickly as you can so less odor gets attached to you and your things. In addition, close your air vents to prevent smoke from traveling throughout the building or areas close by. Putting your hair up and even shedding some layers of clothing can also help a lot — remember, smoke is clingier than your dog after you’ve been at work all day.

If you are in an apartment or hotel bathroom, it may be ideal to place a moist towel under the door so that smoke doesn’t leak out. Run a hot shower and turn the exhaust fan on after letting the steam build. The steam will absorb much of the smoke, and the fan will help clear it from the room. If you don’t want to wet and entire towel, placing a dry towel there to cover the gap will suffice.

Using our anti-smoke spray, Smoke Cloak in the air and on fabrics before you begin smoking will help prevent it from sticking longer. Spraying it after a smoke session is how you can successfully cover up that smell completely.

Here are a few other tips for covering up that smokey smell you need gone!

Cover Up Smoke Scent

Of course, actively having an air purifier or a burning candle is good for covering up the smell, but usually in public the smell is radiating closely to you. Brush your teeth, chew gum, and wash your hands and face if you can.

If you’re a consistent smoker who hasn’t really taken any precaution but are now (for example, your lease is up and now you must quickly get rid of a year’s worth of smoking), it may be TRAPPED in your walls and on surfaces (counters, floors, furniture, curtains, etc.).

Use regular house cleaners to wipe away smoke residue off walls, tables, and counters. For fabric surfaces like carpet, curtains, or furniture, use baking soda – or regular vacuum scent boosting powder – and then vacuum it up!

I typically use baking soda as a deodorizer for food areas or spaces I don’t want chemicals contaminating like inside the litter boxes or my refrigerator.

Smoke spray is great for when you need something portable and quick without the strong chemicals regular deodorizers have. Kovert’s smoke spray, Smoke Cloak, comes in Fresh Linen, Black Cherry, and Unscented. This smoke spray is great for your clothes, fabrics, and contaminated air! (Try using smoke spray on your car seats and ceiling if you smoke in the car!)

If you have smokey smelling items, kovert has a variety of selections to trap in the harsh aroma of your smoking items. The Revelry and Cross Body are very popular for fitting the multiple accessories needed in a covert size and look. Read more about how to cover up cannabis smell on our blog home page!