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Do Smell Proof Bags Work Against Dogs?

If you’re researching the best smell proof bags to use for your stash, you’ve probably seen a few bag brands make the claim that their bags can work against police dogs. However, you should be weary of these brands and their statements as it is exaggerated. Every once in a while, luck is on your side and maybe the K9 was having an off day and couldn’t detect anything this time – but don’t just take my word for it, here’s what science has to say!

You can’t easily trick a dog’s nose because they don’t smell the way us humans do. Instead, they smell in 3D, as in they can pinpoint specific smells just as easily as our eyes can see specific objects. It’s said that the top smelling breeds would be able to detect a tablespoon of sugar 55 yards away! So yeah they can smell your weed wrapped in a bunch of layers and coffee grounds… These methods may pass for human noses but definitely not a doggo’s.

Attempted methods used trick dogs before smell proof bags and airtight containers included spraying deer pee on your car tires to distract the dog from locking onto the drug’s scent and burying the drugs in smelly food. Only, dogs are trained extensively to ignore the scent of other animals, human food, and dog food. Those methods are impractical since their noses are strong enough to pick up individual or specific scents! What this implies is, if you put chopped onions, a soiled diaper, and a pile of dirty dishes next to that spoonful of sugar that’s half a football field away, a dog is still going to smell that sugar, and probably the different leftovers on those plates.

Over time, canines’ noses improved in order for them to survive, and today, we (mostly law enforcement) use that trait to our own advantage. Just to emphasize how good a dog’s nose is, they can have up to 250 million smell receptors vs the best human noses having 7 million. Dogs are also able to track and remember scents thanks to how their noses are designed. Where they breathe in through their nostrils is different from where they exhale.

Have you ever noticed the little curl that’s on the side of their snouts? Their nostrils are forward facing but the bottom of that curl pushes air out through the sides of their noses! The scents they pick up do not diminish because dogs can breathe in at the same time they breathe out.

Masking or burying your cannabis won’t be able to hide your weed’s scent from a dog.

What if I want to hide the cannabis smell from other people?

Luckily, you can fool a human’s nose! And we do have the answer to that! If you want to learn how to cover up ad prevent smoke smell, check out our blog for more information here! To cover up cannabis smell and learn tips on how to properly travel with your marijuana products, read our blog here!

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