About Us

Kovert was established in 2021 with the goal of creating fashionable, yet discreet, stash bags. The majority of us are hard workers who just want to enjoy their free time, which is why everyone deserves to live their preferred lifestyle (as long as you are a good person, we are definitely not saying live your lifestyle if you are a murderer or something like that).

Even if you are not using Kovert to protect a smelly stash, it was made to work for anything you want to carry. Men and women all over the U.S. appreciate the solid style we provide. We are fashion that functions!

Be your most authentic self and carry important items confidently, with Kovert!

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Kovert’s sleek and stylish bags allow you to discreetly carry just about anything you want to keep private. The innovative, locking design of Kovert bags helps you carry anything you want to protect from prying eyes and need to take with you on the run.

We are strong believers in privacy, security, and safety. These premium bags keep your contents on the down low by having a mature construct and being 100% smell proof on the inside. Competitors typically have designs that can look suspicious or attract attention in a way you don’t want. Kovert’s mission was to create and provide high quality bags that you can wear anytime for any occasion!

Whether you’re at home or on the go – keep it kovert

Why Kovert?

Most businesses are very disconnected from their audience, however, Kovert was started by people like you. We may not care what people think of our personal habits, however, the unnecessary judgment from friends, family, and even strangers can get heavy. Thus, a smell proof bag that looks like it was made for adults!

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